TOC-Serbia Appeals to RTOC


Update 8/15 7:45 PM RTOC has elevated Hieromonk Akakije to the Episcopate.

An appeal has been officially made by the membership of the TOC of Serbia for the RTOC under Archbishop Tikhon of Omsk to formally elevate their candidate to the Episcopate and restore the autocephaly of the Serbian TOC.

The publication of the plea comes after a period of unrest concerning whether or not the Serbian Church was regarded as an independent Church or a missionary territory on the part of the TOC-Kallinikos, whose hierarchs they claim have confirmed the latter position in recent statements. Less than two weeks prior, the Serbs indicated publicly that they would officially remove themselves from the omophor of Archbishop Kallinikos of Athens to seek out assistance in the restoration of their administrational autonomy.

Further, in June, 2011, the RTOC recognized the Serbs’ right to autocephaly. Vladimir Moss, who seems to have been involved to some degree in recent discussions, recently wrote an article claiming that the position of the TOC-Kallinikos had changed on the matter of the TOC-Serbia since the election of the new Archbishop.

In July Hieromonk Akakije wrote an article making clear the TOC of Serbia was not a “Greek protectorate in Serbia”.

Recently, discussions on the Euphrosynos Cafe had indicated that the tone of the discussion had begun to take a heated pitch.

A Google Translation of the Appeal Follows:


Holy Synod of Bishops of the Russian True Orthodox Church

Your Eminence, Your Grace, Holy Hierarchs of the Russian True Orthodox Church
We truly Orthodox Christian Serbia will turn to for help with renewed canonical episcopate in our homeland mnogostradalnoj Serbia. As you know after the Second World War and the communist revolution, the Serbian Church hierarchy fell into apostasy and the pan-heresy of ecumenism sergijanizma.In the mid nineties in Serbia appeared True Orthodox Christian movement led by hieromonk Acacius who help turn the original Greek Starokalendarskom Synod presided by Archbishop Chrysostomos of blessed memory.  From the Greek CPI us assisted in the ordination of clergy and supply antimisima and Holy Miron. Already during the first year we knew that the Greek bishop is away from us a thousand miles can not manage the life of the Serbian Church.  Even then we are of the Greek Synod asked for Serbia to Serbian bishop ordained.  But nevertheless the Greek bishops to these our search remained immobile.  The situation in Serbia is due this year worsened, and the mission of true Orthodoxy was prevented by the fact that the Serbian people can not accept that Serbia and the Serbian Church manages Greek bishop.  Moreover, interruption of communication with the formal annexation of the Serbian church, and true Orthodoxy interpreted as a transition from the Serbian Church in Greece.  Unfortunately, this assumption is now confirmed by the Greeks themselves irresponsible statements.
  Now the official position of the Greek Bishops that we have no points of contact with the Serbian Church and that their help, we pointed out, means the annexation of our Church of Greece and that the canonical territory of the jurisdiction of Serbian local Church now their missionary field for us Serbs is absolutely unacceptable.
Due to this situation and the reluctance of the Greek Bishops us out to meet me you are addressing:
Hoping that you will understand what kind of a difficult situation is a little flock of True Orthodox Christians of Serbia, humbly we ask you to give us the true needs of Serbian Orthodox Church ordained to the rank of bishop designated for Serbia, for our part of the proposed candidates, the founders of the True Orthodox monk in Serbia Acacius (Stankovic), which is already more than a decade, suggested by us as a candidate for the Serbian bishop CPI.  

 (When the assembled clergy, parishes and monasteries that are more than a decade of fighting for a bishop for the Serbian IPC):

(Signatures follow)
Signatures of the clergy:
Hieromonk Akakije (Stankovic)
Hieromonk Nektarios (Ivankovic)
Presbyter Stefan Nikolic
The signatures of representatives of parishes and monasteries:
Belgrade Parish
Novi Sad parish
Niska Parish
Monastery of Saints Cyril and Methodius
Monastery of Novi-Stjenik