WCC 9th Assembly Includes Conference on Human Sexuality

And this article spins out from questions of sexual ethics to St Seraphim of Sarov(!) No, we don’t know how that happened. You just have to read the full article by Steven Webb. –NFTU

Differing responses to ethical challenges posed by human sexuality have undermined common witness within and among the churches. The WCC has organized conversations on sexuality at the Porto Alegre Assembly to continue dialogue requested by the Assembly in Harare in 1998.

Moderated by the Right Rev. Garry Maarquand of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand, the conversations on human sexuality took place over three days. They began with an overview of the many issues of sexuality that churches are dealing with, and a theological reflection by Orthodox Fr Heikki Huttunen, from Finland, on human sexuality as a gift of God.

Further discussion among participants revealed the range of experiences represented: from churches with no word for sexuality or awareness of homosexuality, to a church defined by its openness to different sexual expressions; from traditional churches with a quiet acceptance of homosexuality and churches with pastoral responses to social realities, to churches divided on the issue. (Click Here for Article)

Again, we ask: why is Orthodoxy involved with the WCC?