Pope Urges Greek Orthodox Seminarians to Work Toward Christian Unity

VATICAN CITY (AP) – Pope Benedict XVI met with Greek Orthodox seminarians and urged them to confront the challenges that threaten the faith by working to unify all Christians.

Benedict met with priests and seminarians from the “Apostoliki Diakonia” theology college in Greece who are visiting Rome.

He lamented the “forces of evil” that sparked the 1,000-year schism between the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches, but said relations had improved in the past 40 years. Relations should get even better now that official theological talks between the two sides have resumed, he said.

“We must confront the challenges that threaten the faith, cultivate the spiritual groundwork that nourished Europe for centuries, reaffirm Christian values, promote peace even in difficult conditions, and deepen those elements of the faith and ecclesial life that can bring us to full communion in truth and charity,” he said Monday.

Benedict has said that healing the schism and unifying all Christians is a “fundamental” priority of his pontificate. (Click Here For Article)