YES, THIS IS REAL: New Calendar Priest Asks 3-year Old For Consent to Baptism(VIDEO)

In what may be the strangest story to make NFTU yet, a New Calendar priest in Germany asked a three year old for consent to baptism– and when the three year old said “no”, the priest took off his stole and walked.

Keep Talking Greece reported on the story and that the priest was questioned by local media, giving odd answers to why he’d refuse to baptize a child, citing a personal “bad experience”.

While there may be hidden reasons (it’s been claimed the parents didn’t show up very often to Church), a priest refusing to baptize a recalcitrant toddler is unheard of. Apparently the priest is unaware that this is a large part of what sponsors are for– to answer for children incapable of their own decisions.

Unless he thought that pre-schoolers are fully functioning adults?

Feel free to comment, as this editor is, well, at a loss. Video below.

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