Freemasons Forming DNA Database

Did you know that the Freemasons are collecting DNA samples on children throughout North America?  Well, they are. Of course, things like this have been going on for a long with, more more than the Freemasons involved. The Conference of Masonic Grand Masters of North America have formed a program, called, interestingly enough, “Masonichip.” If that’s not creepy enough, how about a schedule in which you can have your local Canadian lodge arrange for ‘events’ to take the DNA?  Well, I’m sure a lot of people out there are saying, “This won’t come to America.”

Let’s remember the Masonic slogan on their Masonichip website:

“It’s not what we do…it’s who we do it for.”

Indeed, who are they doing it for?

But, as we know, the media and the people who say ‘conspiracy theories’ are not proper for ‘Christians’, would have us ignore things like this. The same folks who made claims that the EPA was doing live human experimentation should have been ignored also (that is, until the lawsuit). But, you know, human experimenation on individuals is something of the past. I guess we could go on about other things, but, we’re supposed to believe that governments (especially if its the Pentagon, Homeland Security, etc), big business (which has essentially become the government in many areas), and private organizations (composed of powerful individuals in government and business), don’t ever do bad things. Apparently, they don’t ever attempt to cover matters like this up; or lie for each other.

A conspiracy proper, is one multiple individuals collude to defraud or do illegal things (in a legal sense); or in a broader sense, when multiple persons collude with a secret agenda.  It doesn’t take reptoid aliens to presuppose that there are powerful people who have their own interests totally separate from those of the general public.

There are literally dozens of stories like this everywhere.  They just don’t get reported on.