World Patriarchates participate in “Ecumenical Spirituality” Congress

September 26, 2014 (Source:

Originally reported on September 4

The customary ecumenical gathering that will take place at the Bose monastery on 3–6 September 2014 desires to listen to the Gospel of peace, which asks Christians to be a leaven of reconciliation and of peace among today’s men and women.

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NFTU Editor’s Note:

The Ecumenical Patriarchates participation in the ecumenical movement has been long and enduring.  Far from witness to Orthodoxy it has confused and distance the true message of Christ, which is held up by the True Orthodox.  Many heterodox, who assume the Ecumenical Patriarchate represents the ‘leadership’ of  ‘Orthodoxy’ take away from this the idea that “Orthodoxy has not real problems with Roman Catholic and Protestant spirituality, otherwise, why would they pray with us if they felt we were teaching heresies.” In fact, the Phanar no longer finds such words as ‘heresy’ convenient; along with modern Roman Catholicism and Protestantism, World Orthodoxy has embraced the ecumenical heresy and the new biblical criticism which casts doubt upon the inspiration of Scripture. In this environment, the True Orthodox have a profound obligation to redouble their efforts at missionary work, and confront the heresies and false teaching present in the world.  The commission of Christ to preach the Gospel to all nations includes not just the fallen World Orthodox, but all the Papists, Protestants, Jews, Muslims, and Pagans; and such preaching is NOT done through ‘joint ecumenical events and prayers’. Such events rather destroy the hope of salvation for many than in any way aid it.