Met. Christophoros of Mesogaia Enters Communion with Bulgarian Metropolitan

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September 26, 2014
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October 3, 2014

Met. Christophoros of Mesogaia Enters Communion with Bulgarian Metropolitan

The Two Metropolitans Christophoros Concelebrate
The Two Metropolitans Christophoros Concelebrate

The Two Metropolitans Christophoros Concelebrate

According to the website of the Holy Metropolis of Mesogaia and the Islands, His Eminence Metropolitan Christophoros, who recently left the GOC under Archbishop Makarios due to its adoption of name-worshiping, and has heretofore been independent, has entered into communion with a Bulgarian Metropolitan, His Eminence Christophoros of Sardica, who originates from the Bulgarian Alternative Synod under Patriarch Pimen (+1999).

Metropolitan Christophoros of Sardica returned to the Patristic Calendar before entering into communion with Metropolitan Christophoros of Mesogaia. The two bishops solemnified their union via a concelebration for the feast of the Holy Monastery of Panagia Drenia in Ambelakia, Salamina.

Anastasios Hudson resides in Reston, Virginia, USA. He is the author of Metropolitan Petros of Astoria: A Microcosm of the Old Calendar Movement in America (2014). His website is


  1. BD says:

    God Help us….more Bishop ordinations in Greece are coming…..
    This union has many more implications than what appears on the surface.
    It is well known in Greece that there exists proposed legislation to legalize religious institutions that are not part of the official State Church. The requirements have not been confirmed but size of the synod and number of bishops is one of the rumoured requirements. Don’t be supirsed if Metropolitan Christophoros annouces bishop ordinations in the near future.
    This is why the GOC-Kallinikos joined with the Cyprianites. I hate to burst the bubble of the GOC-K loyalist, but the union was not done on firm orthodox ecclesiology, but motivated by gaining formal recoginistion in Greece. If people have any doubt about this, they should read the Cyrpirantie liturature about the Theology with regards to where World Orthdooxy stands. The Cypriantes (and GOC-K consiquentially) believe that until a universal synod has condemned Ecumenism that World Orthdoxy still has grace.
    Similarly GOC-Makarios ordained 8 bishops in short order after Pacha this year. Instead of joining with GOC-K, GOC-M decided to expand. I guess they picked there poison…HOCNA or Cyprianism.
    God Help us.

    • Daniel Smith says:

      You have no idea what you are talking about. Cyprianism does not exist and was never a heresy but only an errant position of a deposed (now rehabilitated) Metropolitan who retracted his position before his death. So, you are really just participating in fear mongering… Try reading the GOC-k defense of the Union for one, then read the ecclesiological document which is the basis of our union. Otherwise you are just a peddler of dissent…

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