From Russia, with Ecumenism

Well, it appears that just in time for the union between ROCOR and the MP, Russia is becoming ripe for open-face ecumenism. February 06’s Zenit reports that ecumenical conferences as well as joint prayer services are being held in St Petersburg and Ryazan.

The Catholic newspaper reports that:

Some 200 people gathered in the Evangelical-Lutheran church there to attend the conference on “Christian Unity and Religious Tolerance.” Russian Orthodox, Catholic and Lutheran representatives addressed the gathering.

During the conference, participants mentioned the imperative need to work as a whole and to give collective testimony to achieve unity. Subsequently, they went to the Catholic church of St. Ekaterina for an ecumenical prayer service.

Archbishop Kondrusiewicz, 60, said that the ceremony was conducted “in a sincere spirit of prayer of believers who desire to achieve unity in one same heart, as a symphony.” He added: “And this prayer was heard by Christ.”

The full article is available here.