French Catholics Offered Toll Call Confessions (minor sins only please)

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March 1, 2010
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March 2, 2010

French Catholics Offered Toll Call Confessions (minor sins only please)

Well, this is a new one. Now I’ve heard it all !
Mar.2, 2010

A group of French Catholics, working in telecommunications have launched a toll call “hotline ‘, through which believers may confess their sins, said “Lenta.Ru” . The cost is 0.34 euro’s per minute. ( What a bargain ! )
Caller’s to the “hotline” can press “1” to get advice on confession, “2” to confess, or “3” to listen to someone else’s confession. ( Easy as 123 ! Is listening to someone else’s confession, kosher ? ) Caller’s are warned that this is a way to confess to minor sins only. Those wanting to confess to more serious sins are encouraged to contact a priest.( No murder confessions please )
Customers do not receive remission of sins however. ( What, no remission’s of sin’s ! Perhaps the 0.34 euro price per minute isn’t all that much of a bargain after all. What’s the point, why not just confess in prayer at home and save the toll charge ) The main purpose of the service is to give people the opportunity to confess their minor sins directly to God. ( Sound’s more like this “hot line” would do better aimed at Protestants ) Since user’s don’t talk with live operators, caller’s to the line can only listen to recorded prayers. Customers may select the option as to whether other people will be permitted to hear a recording of their confession. (Choice is good )
The opening of the “hot line” was timed to coincide with the beginning of Lent.( How convenient ! ) During the first week of it’s service, the ‘hotline” benefited a few hundred people. Most of the money thus collected goes to charity.( Confess generously ! )
The French Catholic bishops have already issued an official statement stating that the Roman Catholic Church has no relation to this service.( You mean it’s non-canonical ? ) Bishop’s have urged Catholics not to confuse this “hotline” with the proper place for confession which requires the indispensable presence of the priest.( That is, unless the church receives their cut )


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