German RC Bishops Push for “Gay Marriage”

September 17, 2015

On the official website of the German Roman Catholic Bishops’ Conference, an essay by liberal RC German theology student (which description is a bit of a redundancy) Simon Linder was published promoting ‘marriage for all’ within the Roman Catholic Church.  Already the news has traveled fast through different pro-family websites, such as the well-known RC leaning

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In an essay titled “Love Counts” on, theology student Simon Linder argues that since the “societal climate” in Germany has changed, one does not have to justify oneself anymore when defending the idea of “marriage for all.” Rather, says Linder, those opposed to same-sex “marriages” have to defend themselves. And he asks: “Where does the Church have the idea … that homosexuality is a burden for male and female homosexuals? And more fundamentally: Who gives the Church the right to declare homosexuals as people who are to be pitied?”


The Vatican seemingly encourages this behaviour. It should not come as a surprise to those who are aware of the essentially liberal-modernist mentality of the vast majority of Roman Catholics (with the ecumenist-modernist so-called Patriarchs not far behind with their clergy and laity).  Beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church which appear on documents such as its Catechism have become little more than pro-forma statements with no substantial meaning. The heretical Ecumenical Patriarchate continues to push for union with Roman Catholicism; but, the recent dispute over ‘gay marriage’ in the RCC is itself mimicked within the Ecumenical Patriarchate in the case of its Finnish branch.


2 thoughts on “German RC Bishops Push for “Gay Marriage”

  • September 26, 2015 at 5:03 pm

    The church needs to consider what Jesus taught – the Golden Rule – when thinking about this issue. If the church hierarchy will do this, they will eventually come to the conclusion that marriage equality is simply the just, decent, and Christian thing to do.

    • September 26, 2015 at 5:31 pm

      I’m going to try to see if I can help give you a larger context to work with, rather than work in oversimplifications, at least from an Orthodox standpoint.

      The Orthodox position on sexuality and marriage is by nature based on a combination of biology and God’s law on His design patterns. While childbearing does not equal marriage, the Church generally sees it as an integral part of marriage. To add to this, the Church has codified– repeatedly over almost two millennia– the position that the primary purpose of sexuality is to reproduce. This is not saying that the Church was *unaware* that sex could be used for pleasure. She was quite aware of it. But She condemned it in all its forms, whether with polygamy, concubinage, homosexual relations, incest, and heterosexual relations that were not in marriages or even sexual activities in marriage that were disassociated with the procreative act between one man and one woman.

      Because of this, the Church has a far more limited window on who can marry than people usually assume. You don’t marry outside the faith. You don’t marry your sibling. You don’t marry your cousin. You don’t share your spouse with anyone. And so on. While you may find that comparing homosexual marriage to marrying siblings horrendous, both consistently come from the exact same source– the Church– whereas states have always had varying views on the issue (even in some US states and areas in Europe, incest is legally permitted, even though it is condemned by the Church).

      Finally, it’s important to remember the Orthodox Church in the first centuries confronted a world where homosexuality was common– the Greco-Roman world– so it’s not as though the Church is dealing with an unprecedented issue. It isn’t, and people who learned from those who heard the Golden Rule spoken from Our Lord’s own mouth confronted this paradigm very clearly and saw it as unacceptable, and they would have understood Our Lord’s context.

      In context of the revolutionary position of the Church at the time, society is actually not reaching a new paradigm in the liberalization of marriage law (polygamy is also once again gaining ground, as well as “open marriage”), but simply reverting to an old one that was fundamentally flawed to begin with.

      So it’s not as easy as the Orthodox Church following the Golden Rule. The Church knows how to do that, and follows the whole teaching of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The Church must also follow God’s law on marriage, no matter what secular states choose to do.

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