GOC-Chrysostomos: Metropolitan Gerontius meets with OLP Labor leaders

(impc.gr) Metropolitan Gerontios of Piraeus and Salamis met Tuesday 14/4/2009 with the President of the OLP (Piraeus Port), Mr Dionissis Bechrakis.

Mr. Bechrakis has developed extensively the issues of the OLP
and workers, particularly in light of the agreement with China COSCO and the continuing economic downturn. Mr. Bechrakis noted that the OLP now opened new horizons in economic development and achieve multiple benefits for employees, shareholders and the local community of Piraeus.

The Bishop thanked the President of OLP for their full support for the flock of G.O.C. and wished to continue the spirit of cooperation between OLP and the Metropolis of Piraeus and Salamis. He stressed that he, personally, and the priests of the Diocese will support with all their effort to improve local development and effectively support those in genuine need.