GOC-K Glorifies Five New Saints

2014 Nativity of Theotokos Celebrations in Romanian True Orthodox Church
September 24, 2014
Fr. Theologos Ordained to the Priesthood
September 25, 2014

GOC-K Glorifies Five New Saints

Icon of Saint Ieronymos of Aegina
Icon of Saint Ieronymos of Aegina

Saint Ieronymos of Aegina

At its recent synod meeting on September 6/19, 2014, the Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece under the Presidency of Archbishop Kallinikos of Athens glorified five new saints:

1) Saint Parthenios of Chios (+12/08/1880)
2) Saint Pachomios of Chios (+10/14/1905)
3) Saint Catherine Routis of Mandra (+15/11/1927)
4) Saint Joseph of Desfina (+07/22/1944)
5) Saint Ieronymos of Aegina (+03/10/1966)

For an excerpt from the life of St. Ieronymos, see here.

For a brief account of the martyrdom of St. Catherine, see here.

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Anastasios Hudson resides in Reston, Virginia, USA. He is the author of Metropolitan Petros of Astoria: A Microcosm of the Old Calendar Movement in America (2014). His website is AnastasiosHudson.com.


  1. Daniel Smith says:

    Looking for a life of St Joseph of Desfina…

  2. AnastasiosHawker says:

    St. Euphrosyne of Egypt
    25 September/8 October 2012

    In his statement of September 16, 2012, Bishop Demetrius, formerly of Carlisle, tries to convince the clergy and the faithful of HOCNA, that he departed from the Communion with his fellow bishops for matters of faith. In his own words:

    “Since my responsibility is to protect and defend the purity of our Confession of Faith, I can no longer remain a hierarch on the Synod of Bishops of the Holy Orthodox Church in North America.”

    We find it extremely difficult to take Bishop Demetrius’ statement seriously, because in his correspondence with our Synod (September 11, 2012), he claimed that the reason for his departure were certain “differences”, and not only did he not mention any lack of “purity of Confession of Faith” of HOCNA bishops, but in his second letter to us (September 12, 2012), he was even willing to receive a letter of release from the self-same Synod of HOCNA:

    “In the past, Metropolitan Ephraim had offered releases to clergy who didn’t even ask for one, namely, Fr George Kochergin and Fr Yakov Tseitlin. When Metropolitan Moses left, the Synod basically just told him that he was free to go his way. If the Synod would like to give me a release I will accept it, with the hopes that we can still keep doors open, since anything is possible, and God works miracles. If not, at least a friendly “good-bye” (on paper) would be nice.”

    So, when exactly, in that span of few days, did the bishops of HOCNA fall into heresy? Or, was Bishop Demetrius willing to receive a letter of release (or a friendly “good-bye”) from heretical bishops? Or perhaps, as we think, Bishop Demetrius, does not believe that the veneration of the Name of God, as confessed by the monastics expelled from Mount Athos in 1913, to be a heresy (as he has stated on several occasions[1]), but sadly, has decided to use it as an excuse to clothe his departure in a mantle of “Confession of Faith”, for it is only in this manner that he can justify the unjustifiable – a schism from the Church in which he was brought up, tonsured as a monastic, ordained as a deacon, as a priest and finally as a bishop? We grieve over such a lack of integrity shown by Bishop Demetrius.

    + Bishop Gregory of Brookline
    Secretary of the Holy Synod

    [1] In September 2011, Bishop Demetrius was on a pastoral trip to Ukraine, during which he ordained Fr. Martinian of Rivne to the priesthood. Before the ordination, Fr. Martinian, in the presence of witnesses, asked Bishop Demetrius whether he considered the veneration of the Name of God, as confessed by those Athonite monastics, to be a heresy, to which Bishop Demetrius answered that no, he did not consider it to be a heresy. Upon this, Fr. Martinian, overjoyed, said that he would not have consented to be ordained by Bishop Demetrius, had he answered otherwise.

    • Daniel Smith says:

      Go away Euthymios. You are serving a pharisaical delusion, not Christ. Christ does not slander and gossip. Our Metropolitan Demetrius has not been synodically tried and condemned by anyone for anything and is therefore a grace-filled and God-bearing bishop, Abbot and Monk.

      May God forgive the hardness and coldness of your heart. Do not be deceived: you’re increasing isolation and dependence on your self will ultimately lead to your damnation unless you repent and throw yourself before Gods mercy.

      • AnastasiosHawker says:

        “We must obey God rather than men (Demetrius) ”(Acts 5.29), where you worship and serve (I the Lord my God).

        You tell me, what’s your problem? You’re his “warm brother”?

        • A.B says:

          “We must obey God rather than men (Panteleimon, Isaac, Makarios, Gregory, Ephraim**) ”(Acts 5.29), where you worship and serve (I the Lord my God).

          We can do this all day Anastasios “Hawk”na.

          Do you notice the “real” pattern here yet? I’m sure you still don’t get it, but please look carefully.

          ** Metropolitan Ephraim is also referenced here because although most people dislike him for promulgating heresy, many refer to him as St Ephraim (I’m actually not kidding here).

      • I don’t think that AnastasiosHawker is Euthymius, based on the way he writes. Euthymius has a very particular style, idiosyncratic in a way, that all of his aliases have always used. AnastasiosHawker does not display the same characteristics, in my opinion. Also, AnastasiosHawker is clearly choosing a username that goes against me, while Euthymius respects me because I have always treated him with kindness and patience, despite my intense disagreements with him on various issues, so I don’t think he would create such a username.

    • Dcn Joseph Suaiden says:

      Strike two….

    • Bishop Demetrius, now Metropolitan Demetrius, was in my home in October 2012 for five days, to clean up the mess I made in my parish when my marriage blew up and I was suspended from serving (I later resigned the priesthood completely and was returned to the lay state by the synod).

      Someone can fool you for a day, but when someone is in your house for five days, you get a sense of how that person is. Also, he brought Fr. Agathangelus along with him, and I saw their interaction amongst themselves. I asked Met. Demetrius very pointed questions about what happened, and I heard him calling various people to discuss the Name-worshiping problem (no, I did not listen in to any private conversations, if that is what you are going to reply with).

      There is no doubt in my mind that Met. Demetrius struggled with the issues of HOCNA for some time, tried to stay in it to bring the whole structure over to the GOC, and left when he could no longer tolerate things for reasons of faith.

      I am sick and tired of people disparaging him for coming to us, as if he was lusting after power. If he wanted to be power-hungry, he would have stayed at HTM, waited for Met. Ephraim to die, become the Metropolitan of Boston, and presided over the 25 million dollar property that is HTM. Instead, he led a group of monks to Holy Ascension Monastery, where they were not sure if they would even have money to eat. And 1 month later, he was at my house to help me out with my problems and the parish’s problems, even though he had 7 other trips to make each weekend, because Metropolitan Pavlos asked him to.

      So seriously, go pray and ask God for forgiveness for your evil remarks. Because they are evil.

      • AnastasiosHawker says:

        In HOCNA Synod, was a heresy: Name-worshiping!

        And now the GOC Synod: Name Demetrius-worshiping!

        • And there is a heresy in your (house) church: autolatreia (self-worshiping).

        • A.B says:

          You are forgetting Panteleimon-worshipping (I would add “glorifying” here as well), Isaac-worshipping (slowly nearing Fr Panteleimon-like levels), Makarios-worshipping (don’t see why to he honest, but very much the case), and now…you guessed it…Gregory-worshipping (really don’t get this one). Look at yourself first hypocrite. Any new miracles to share from Fr Panteleimon that no one has ever witnessed? Except Fr Isaac of course, which I’m sure you will hear about at your next confession.

  3. Kaloyan Ivanov says:

    Interesting. St. Catherine Routis died protecting Archimandrite Matthew (later Archbishop Matthew of Athens) with her body and now the Florinites glorify her. Interesting. 🙂

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