GOC-K Official Response to Objections to Recent Union

October 04, 2014 (Source: http://www.ecclesiagoc.gr)

The GOC-K has, on their website, issued an official response to critics of the recent union. The text is at the moment only available in Greek, and was composed in July of this year ( 15/28-07-2014).

UPDATE: The English text has now been published.

NFTU Editor’s Note:

For some time now that has been some controversy over the exact nature of the union.  It is evident, however, that the Synod in Resistance did officially disband and was absorbed into the GOC-K.  There were reports, of course, that there was some reception of the former SiR bishops by a rite of repentance.  One of the major objections by many opponents of the recent union of the former SiR clergy and laity with the GOC-K has been over the controversial ecclesiological positions and statements of the departed Met. Cyprian (Katsumbas) of Oropos and Phyle.

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