RTOC Synod Decree Suspends Un-Offical Website Publications without Approval

October 04, 2014 (Source: http://catacomb.org)

Originally reported on September 29

In connection with the introduction of political censorship in RTOC of the edition of the unoffical site “Church News”, the site suspends its activities.

This decision was made ​​after the editors received by e-mail, on September 29, 2014, a copy of the decree of the Archbishop of Omsk and Siberia Tikhon (Pasechnik), which prohibits “any publication on the site” Church News RTOC  “without the prior consent of the bishops of the Synod.”

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NFTU Editor’s Note:  There appears to be problems in True Orthodox over the Ukraine-Russia conflict. It seems pretty evenly split between True Orthodox in Ukraine favoring the current Kiev government and the True Orthodox in Russia, while not being necessarily fans of Putin, believing that the Russian rebels in Eastern Ukraine have legitimate grievances.  One issue that has been reported on in a few sources, though there has been a little trouble confirming it (since RTOC seems not to have an official Russian website I know off; if it does, please post its address in the comments below), is that, in the Litanies the phrase “православное христолюбивое воинство” or “Orthodox Christ-loving armies” has been added.  Supposedly several RTOC priests have expressed support for the ethnic Russian forces in Donetsk and other areas; there have been similar thoughts expressed by ROCOR-A clergy (including at least Bp. Dionysius, a former RTOC bishop), over the conflict as well.