HOTCA Building Scale Model of Hagia Sophia in New York

Since we are on the topic of real estate news, an interesting story has been developing in HOTCA (the American Metropolis of the TOC-Kallinikos): a 1/5 scale Church of Hagia Sophia is being attempted in Woodstock, New York, a long time dream of Metropolitan Pavlos of Astoria being fulfilled. In the video below, the Metropolitan expresses his wish to see this completed for the ages, though indicates that he may not be present when that occurs.

The project, which is being built at the site of the Monastery of the Holy Ascension in Woodstock, which be a replica of the Church of Holy Wisdom, which was taken from Orthodoxy after the fall of Constantinople in 1453. Converted to a mosque and used as such until 1931, when it became a museum, Hagia Sophia was the largest Cathedral in the world until 1520. Hagia Sophia remains the pinnacle of Byzantine architecture, with a unique structure famed for the great dome sitting atop another dome, allowing a circular “halo of light” to form around the top dome due to the windows that meet at the conjunction of the two domes.

The Church will be a functioning Church– not a museum– and its cornerstone was laid in May. The builders travelled to Istanbul to personally inspect the structure so as to faithfully replicate it.

In other HOTCA news, the famed annual celebration of Theophany in downtown New York will take place at 1 PM. Unfortunately, at least two of the editors who like to show up will not be able to make it. Hopefully someone will be there to take pictures or video, and catch a glimpse of the fortunate individual who catches the cross in the waters, and if anyone would like to send us what they get, we’d much appreciate it.