NFTU Radio is On Tonight! 11:30 PM EST

Editorial: A Word About The Ads on NFTU
September 1, 2012
Moscow Patriarchate forms Orthodox Komsomol, But Changes Name
September 2, 2012

NFTU Radio is On Tonight! 11:30 PM EST

This week, we’ll be doing the Week in Review on NFTU Radio with Hieromonk Enoch and Dcn Joseph Suaiden.

We might also touch upon a very special (and until now, secret) project in the service of True Orthodoxy– you’ll have to listen to find out! Call-ins Welcome. 30 Minutes.


  1. In the Summer 2012 Thrivent [Insurance for Lutherans] magazine p.8 there is an illustration of an ancient shekel, described as minted in the year 66 CE. I wonder if Thrivent has given up on the traditional Christian use of AD (Anno Domini)? In the midst of the on-going secularization of our Western societies, Christians should be increasing and reaffirming Christian cultural content rather than further accommodating the secularization. Understandably governments may wish to adopt usage that does not favor one religion over another but why would Christians do so within their own house?

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