Italian Metropolia Issues Press Release on Romanian Patriarchate Statements

Following the distribution of a circular issued by the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church, in July of this year, for all dioceses canonically dependent on the ROC, the TOC Archbishop and Metropolitan Dr. Onufrie Pop, the Primate of our Church was ranked as “uncanonical and self-styled” bishop following reference to same as “false bishop” in May by the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of Italy, Silouan Span, the Holy Synod of the Church met in a special session today July 23, 2012 condemning this attitude that wants to be called “holy”, and in the future request such people to document what they say more thoroughly, and not to associate the name Metropolitan Onufrie with others who are not in the jurisdiction and we have no connection with our church.

We believe that His Grace Bishop Silouan Span will understand even now that he has a diocese in Italy, but that is the Romanian Orthodox Church in Italy and the Italian territory there are other Orthodox Churches Bishops in the world, and “non-canonical” autonomous Orthodox churches of the old calendar, and other rule.

Our Metropolitan is the legal successor of changes in this year of the Western Orthodox Autonomous Church, is on the Old Style, and has nothing in common with the Romanian Patriarchate and faithful; the believers of the new and old style are different nationalities, including: Romanian, Moldovan, Ukrainian and Italian, with even an Italian auxiliary bishop.

We are concerned about interference in the internal affairs of the bishop in our church and that is deemed “ruler over all of Italy” beginning to send reports to jurisdictions of which we do not belong.
We believe that this dictatorial attitude of the Romanian Orthodox Bishop Silouan Span is reprehensible, and the misinformation that the Holy Synod used to incite Romanian priests in his bishopric up practicing disinformation and hatred among believers, and our humility is damaging both to morality and their image– and if it does not cease, in the future it will be subject to complaints to competent authorities both in Romania and Italy.

Archdeacon Michael
Diocesan Secretary

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