Meeting of Resistance Synods in Romania

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August 23, 2008
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August 30, 2008

Meeting of Resistance Synods in Romania

(NFTU) The Bishops of four Churches in Resistance met in Slatioara, Romania, during the feast of the Transfiguration last week, to a throng of thousands of faithful to celebrate the Patronal Feast.

The Bishops in attendance were Bishop Sofronie (Romania), Bishop Klemes (Synod in Resistance), Bishop Andronik (PSEA/ROCA), Bishop Ambrose (Synod in Resistance), Bishop Cyprian (Acting President, Synod in Resistance), Metropolitan Vlasie (Romania), Bishop Photii (Romania), Bishop Demosthene (Romania), Bishop Gennadie (Romania), Bishop Theodosie (Romania), Bishop Flavian (Romania), Bishop Glicherie (Romania), and Bishop Evlogie (Romania).

This is the first large-scale meeting of the Synods including Russian members since the ROCOR-PSCA broke from the Russian Church Abroad in 2007.


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