Metropolitan Agafangel’s visit to the U.S. (ROCOR-A)

From 19 to 28 February, the First-Hierarch of ROCOR, Metropolitan Agafangel was in the U.S. conducting a pastoral visit.

During the first week of Lent, he performed the rite of Orthodoxy at Holy Trinity Church in Astoria.

In the same church on February 23 he committed last rites, and February 23-24, the diocesan clergy went through the full f
February 24 Metropolitan Agafangel, together with Archbishop Andronik and Bishop Joseph, led the Presanctified liturgy.
After the Liturgy, in the Synod house, they met with Archbishop John as a representative of the Milan Synod — which draws its history from Saint-Denis Diocese of ROCOR in France created through the work of St. John (Maximovitch). [Editor: while the Milan Synod does have parishes in France from that period, the majority of the Synod are in other parts of Western Europe and the Americas, and were given the blessing to act freely in Western Europe by Archbishop Auxentios of Athens of blessed memory. From a spiritual standpoint, however, the author is correct– the Saint-Denis Diocese was a restored Western diocese.]
After the meeting was a joint meeting of the New York and Syracuse dioceses.
The next day, the Primate went to the north of the United States, where he visited the parish in honor of St Nikita the Confessor and the parish of the Greek Old Calendar Church in Rochester, where he served the public prayers. As well, Metropolitan visited our St. Nicholas nunnery.
From February 27-28, Metropolitan Agafangel headed the All-Night Vigil and Divine Liturgy at the St. Sergius parish in Valley-Cottage. 
On the 28th, the Bishop went to Odessa.