More Information on Russia’s Appropriation of Holy Land Properties

We covered this on June 11, but now the Jerusalem Post has listed more strange details of this land deal. As always, click on the title link to read the full article.NFTU

(Jerusalem Post) “Now, after the long awaited reunion between the churches, there were no obstacles left and Israel could sign off on the deal with Russian government. And for Russians this is obviously a matter of prestige, a move full of symbolism as they are trying to regain their positions in the Middle East,” says Khanin. “Restoring the Russian land in Jerusalem is very symbolic and recalls the might and grandeur of the Russian Empire.”

According to Khanin, there are more than enough reasons for this deal to happen here and now, especially since there is a very powerful lobby pushing for it.

“The person who leads this lobby, ‘the church lobby,’ is none other than Sergei Kirienko, the powerful head of RosAtom – the Russian Atomic Energy Agency.”

ON JUNE 9, the Russian Accounts Chamber published the following announcement on its Web site: “The PNA [Palestinian National Authority] has passed to Russian authorities three land lots in Jericho during a special ceremony which took place at the premises of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation in Moscow. The head of the Imperator Pravoslav Palestinian Society, Sergei Stepashin, assured that the restored property included three lots: a 12,000 sq.m. one and another two located in the area called al-Moskobiya [Moscow lands] in the city.”

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