Pseudo-Bishop gets hit with ID Fraud charges; His Archbishop is “bigger than Cyprian”

Before people start confusing this man with the Russian Orthodox Church in Exile, a legitimate True Orthodox group (see “The Russian True Orthodox Church Setup” for more info on that sham) let us clear up where the “convict-of-the-week” comes from now; It is apparently some spin-off of a “Byelorussian Autocephalous Orthodox Church” headed by an “Archbishop Jovan” who, on his website (this is a citation, mind you– here is the link):

“His Eminence serves as Chairman of Old Calendar ( Standing Conference of Union Orthodox Bishops in the Americas , Canada, Europe ) an organization which brings together the hierarchs of Orthodox jurisdictions in the U.S.A. (Russian Exile , Romanian Old Calendar, Bulgarian Old Calendar, Ukrainian Autocephalous Old Calendar, Moldavian Old Calendar, Carpathian-Russian Syrian Old Calendar and Greeks Old Calendar ) for the purpose of strengthening the ties of unity among the Union Orthodox Bishops in the Americas, Canada, Europe Old Calendar, has endorsed a number of agencies to implement its mission. Among them are IOCC, the worldwide humanitarian aid agency of Old Calendar, and OCMC, the official international mission agency of Old Calendar.

As Archbishop of America, Canada, Europe of the Old Calendar, and head of the Eparchial Synod of the Archdiocese, Archbishop Cyprians [Synod of Greek] has traveled extensively throughout the United States and globally. In the course of more than 300 pastoral visits to various parishes he met with thousands of faithful. He has joined with the Metropolitans and Bishops of the Archdiocese in leading services, consecrating churches, ordaining clergy, and extending the scope of the work of the Church in America, Europe, Canada while concurrently experiencing the vitality and accomplishments of the people and the parishes

My Diocese many more..Priests and Deacons International people.”

So not only is this guy head of all the Old Calendarist Churches (and some non-Old Calendarist Churches that use the Old Calendar) but he also runs the International Orthodox Christian Charities and the Orthodox Christian Mission Center, ministries of SCOBA.

But he’s “bigger than Cyprian of Fili”, and that’s what counts. NFTU

(Cleveland Plain-Dealer) A Cleveland man who calls himself a bishop of the Romanian Orthodox Church in Exile was arraigned Monday on two cases involving theft and stolen identity.

Sava Cosas, 51, is charged with identity fraud, telecommunications fraud, misuse of credit cards and theft.

Cosas opened a credit card using another man’s name and personal information in April 2007, said Ryan Miday, spokesman for the Cuyahoga County prosecutor’s office. He used the card to make purchases totaling $6,721.34, authorities say.

If convicted of all charges in this case, Cosas faces up to 14 ½ years in prison.

In the second case, Cosas is accused of forging a check for $650 in the name of Robert Anderson, 60, priest in the Syro Russian Orthodox Church. Anderson had moved into Cosas’ home in October 2005 to take over his church while Cosas was imprisoned on a federal gambling conviction. When Cosas completed his sentence, Anderson moved out of Cosas’ house to start his own ministry. But, Anderson’s mail continued to come to the house.

Cosas opened a Capital One account in Anderson’s name and on Aug. 16 forged a courtesy check for $650 in Anderson’s name, Miday said. Anderson said that Cosas has a history of misusing funds.

“He has used the church and black robe to get money out of people,” Anderson said. “Somebody’s got to stop this man. He’s written bad checks to everyone that he deals with.”

If convicted of all charges in this case, Cosas faces a maximum of four years in prison. Cosas posted a $1,500 bond.