New Acting Administrator Named for North American ROAC Parishes

(10.1.2005 – New Jersey) On September 18, 2005 (New Style), Archimandrite Andrei (Maklakov) of New Jersey was named as acting Administrator for Parishes and Missions of the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church (ROAC) in America by Metropolitan Valentine of Suzdal and Vladimir. The announcement was made quietly this week by Fr Andrei to NFTU by telephone.

Fr Andrei was born on July 18, 1953 (New Style). He was ordained to the Holy Diaconate by the ever-memorable Bishop Gregory (Grabbe) of New York on August 2, 1982 (New Style) and ordained to the Holy Priesthood by St Philaret of New York on the Feast of the Dormition (Aug 28, New Style) of the same year as Priest Michael.

In 1986, Fr Michael Maklakov and Fr Anthony Gavalas were involved in a schism from the ROCOR that would eventually become the HOCNA. However, unlike most of the parishes under the control of Fr Panteleimon (Metropolous), the New York parish remained under the omophor of Archbishop Akakios of the Old Calendar Church of Greece, who was operating alone and without a Synod. Archbishop Akakios then orphaned the parish, leaving them without a Bishop in 1990. The Fathers applied to the Matthewite Synod, and were told to wait while internal matters were being resolved. The two Fathers were received into the Matthewite Synod in 1997.

Fr Michael joined the ROAC in 2003 and was received by Metropolitan Valentine of Suzdal through his vicar, then-Bishop Gregory (Abu-Assaly) of Denver, and for a short while lived at Dormition Skete, Buena Vista, Colorado. He was tonsured a Hieromonk on the feast of the Presentation, 2004 (Feb 02, New Style) and given the name Andrei.

By June of 2004, Bp Gregory of Denver released Fr Andrei to the care of the Synod in one of his last actions before his retirement, which moved Fr Andrei to his current residence in Elmwood Park, New Jersey, to assist the administration with its everyday duties. The Synod elevated Fr Andrei to the rank of Hegumen in 2004, and elevated Fr Andrei to the rank of Archimandrite this month. NFTU