True Orthodox News : Esfigmenou Protest

(10.01.05 – Ouranopolis) Kathimerini Online reports that about 100 Orthodox zealots and True Orthodox clergy are staging a protest of the eviction of the Esfigmenou monks in Ouranopolis today, and notes that the current strategy of the Holy Mountain community is to create a new “Esfigmenou” community and move them somewhere else on the Holy Mountain, while transferring legal rights of the monastery to the new community.

The Monastery of Esphigmenou, whose existence dates back to the 11th century, is under fire by the rest of the Holy Mountain and the Ecumenical Patriarchate for refusing to commemorate Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew due to his stance on Ecumenism.

While NFTU does not usually report on non-ROAC issues, the Holy Mountain is of such importance to Orthodox Christians worldwide that this legal battle has significance to all True Orthodox Christians throughout the world. NFTU