New Post Card by Novi Stjenik

President, Patriarch honor Russian-Georgian war dead
August 8, 2010
Russian dairy to fire women over abortions
August 12, 2010

New Post Card by Novi Stjenik

Here is our newest postcard which Fr Akakije made. The picture in the foreground is a Skull Tower from the 19th which the Turks made of Serbian soldiers in Niš.

The full story is can be found on wikipedia at
The translation of the postcard reads:
Our brave ancestors call us to defend our holy Orthodox Faith and our Fatherland! 
Stalwartly! Fearlessly! Unwaveringly! To the death!
Orthodoxy or Death!

Сестринство Новостјеничког манастира, Микуљски Камен, Кучајске планине.

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