First Official Celebration of St. Ieronymous of Aegina

October 09, 2014 (Source:

In an English language announcement on the GOC-K American website, the first mention is made of the upcoming  celebration in honour of Our Holy Father, St. Ieronymous of Aegina.  St. Iernomyous, who reposed in 1966, was a full member of the True Orthodox Church of Greece (‘Old Calendarists’). As noted by Bp. Photios of Marathon, the heretical New Calendarists find it difficult to deny sanctity of this True Orthodox priest and elder:

“Today, our society needs examples of virtue for us to follow. Our youth are especially deprived of models of virtue. The Saints of our Church constitute models of virtue and examples to follow par excellence. Righteous Ieronymos of Aegina is a new-found, wonder-working Saint († 1966) whom even the innovators of the “Official” Church honour, in deference to the righteousness of his life.

Nevertheless, St. Ieronymos was an authentic figure of the Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians until his last breath. Among other things, his funeral was served by the senior most hierarch of our Church, His Eminence, Metropolitan Akakios of Attica and Diauleia.”

There are indeed saints of the True Orthodox Church; perhaps the Orthodox have been less than willing to ‘expedite’ their ‘official’ glorification (as happens in the ecumenist Patriarchates), but, the saints are still present.  Unfortunately, the True Orthodox did not have a Patriarchal media machine, like the Phanar for Fr. Paisios (Enezepidis), or the Sergianists Bishop, Luke of Semferepol, to ceaselessly promote these figures (interestingly, both figures are being promoted by the World ‘Orthodox’ because both were endlessly loyal to the agendas of their respective bodies; Fr. Paisios viciously attacked the True Orthodox and proclaimed the heresiarch Bartholomew to be the ‘greatest Patriarch ever’ and Luke of Semferepol was an ever obedient servant of the Sergianist forces; thus, both validate the evils and heresies and schisms of their false bodies).

However, St. Ieronymous of Aegina is one of 5 new saints glorified. One of the others is St. Joseph of Desfina who was martyred by the Atheist-Communist forces in 1944.  The other is the well-known St. Catherine Routis of Mandara, who was martyred by New Calendarists when they beat her to death as she was protecting a priest that observed the Orthodox Tradition. The two other glorified saints are St. Parthenios of Chios and St. Pachomios of Chios; two holy elders and great monastic teachers who reposed in 1905 and 1880 respectively.

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