ROCOR-A: Metropolitan Agafangel’s Life Possibly in Danger

Hat tip: R.D. According to Metropolitan Agafangel’s LiveJournal, a group of youths are now waiting for him and following his moves in and out of the house.  According to the site, the Metropolitan has been informed about their intentions, and warned the following:  “In connection with this, I have to say: if I am somehow “accidentally” killed, then, of all people living in this world, the only person who, in my understanding, is interested enough in my not being in this world – it’s MP Patriarch Cyril (Gundyaev). Therefore, regarding all questions relating to my possible accidental death, please contact him. Unfortunately, I write this quite seriously.”

We are hopeful that all goes safely for him, and in other True Orthodox Russian Channels, that we get some word of goings-on, since in some cases they have been eerily silent over the past two weeks….