ROCOR-A: More on Metropolitan Agafangel’s Trip to US

(source: Metropolitan Agafangel (ROCOR-A) arrived at the Holy Ascension Orthodox Church in Falls Church, VA, on Saturday, May 2, 2009. He served the vigil that evening and the Divine Liturgy the next day. The parishioners were overjoyed by the visit of the Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad and met him with the traditional bread and salt at the start of the Liturgy. During Hours, Konstantin Preobrazhensky was made a Reader.

After the Liturgy, Metropolitan Agafangel met with the parishioners and answered many questions. When asked about relations with other groups that did not agree to union with the MP, Metropolitan Agafangel said his sincere desire remains to unite all the groups together, but that work must still be done to resolve a series of issues first. Metropolitan Agafangel said relations with the Old-Calendar Sister Churches of Greece, Bulgaria, and Romania continue to deepen and he hopes to visit Romania in the near future.

To view pictures of Metropolitan Agafangel’s visit, click here.