Romanian Patriarchate Hosts Interfaith Meeting In Palace

May 29th-30th, 2012, Bucharest, Patriarchal Palace
Patriarch Daniel, the head of the Romanian Patriarchate, has since May 29th to May 30th,of the year, hosted an trans-religious meeting in the Patriarchal palace. The Romanian Patriarchate listed the importance of ecumenical and interfaith dialogue. The paling around with Jewish rabbis from Israel, Switzerland, and other nations, took place with great enthusiasm. One wonders to what extent can professed Orthodox Christian learn about how to behave in manners consistent with Orthodoxy from the Jewish Rabbis who deny the Holy Trinity, unconditional forgiveness of God, and other important theological/moral beliefs fundamental to the Gospel of salvation.
Interreligious Symposium at the Patriarchal Palace
Perhaps I am incorrect. Perhaps a large scale debate took place at the interfaith meeting in which the Patriarch asked the rabbis why they rejected the Holy Trinity, and Jesus Christ Who came as the Messiah to their professed ancestors? Maybe the Patriarch and his representatives were unable to understand the ancient Hebrew contained in the Hebrew type of the Septuagint that was found in Qumram and other caves (you know, the same text found which demonstrates that the 70 didn’t just ‘make up’ their translation in Alexandria)?

The priorities of the Patriarch of Bucharest are strange indeed.  Interfaith dialogue with anti-Orthodox Christianity rabbis and tolerating the serving of ruling bishops who publicly concelebrate with Roman Catholic hierarchs, that seems to be some of the more important aspects.  Romania is lost, as far as Orthodoxy is concerned, there is only a remnant, in comparison to the large portion of the population.  The majority of the Romanians have long since accept the ecumenical branch theory with the Vatican, and it will soon extend to many other religions, even ones that don’t profess to worship the Holy Trinity. 

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