RTOC Synod Office Comments on Recent Controversy

October 15, 2014  (Source: http://ripc.info)

NFTU: RTOC Synod responds to the controversy caused by the prominent RTOC site catacomb.org, which closed down after a decree of the RTOC Synod. Part of the source of the complication was because of the letter by clergy of the RTOC Gomel Diocese in Belarus concerning the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Below is a link to the Russian original and a machine translation.


Comment from the Office of the Hierarchical Synod of the RTOC to a Series of Publications on the Internet in October of this year.

At the beginning of October of this year, on an online site there was  unreliable information regarding the Hierarchical Synod of RTOC held in Krasnodar this summer. According to an earlier decision made, the Synod doesn’t publish protocols of the meetings, therefore the published materials and opinions on decisions of the Synod have under themselves no documentary basis. The Synod expresses surprise and regret on the fact that the large religious and news portal could be mistaken so that, without having checked reliability of the sources to print slanderous article, and further this information was used in publications of other authors.

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