RTOC Synod Secretary Fr. Victor Melehov Responds to Recent Meeting at Lesna Convent in France

In an article entitled “Fruits of Schism: Part 2”, Fr. Victor Melehov, the RTOC Secretary of the Synod in Massachusetts, criticizes the the leaving of the Lesna Convent from RTOC, as well as the communion established between the Bishops of the Serbian True Orthodox Church with the Bishops who left the Synod of Metropolitan Agafangel.

RTOC clergy have severely criticize the actions of the Lesna Convent, the Serbian True Orthodox Church, as well as the manner in which the absorption by the GOC-K of the former “Synod in Resistance” was conducted. When Bishop Stephan of Trenton, who reposed in August of 2018, departed from the allegiance to the RTOC Synod, he sought to establish a communion with some Bishops who had departed from the Synod of Metropolitan Agafangel, as well as the taking in of several priests from Russia who had departed from RTOC, protesting RTOC’s insistence upon a strict adherent to ecclesiological principles of denying the Grace of the Sacraments in the Moscow Patriarchate. This situation resulted in a separation of groups of clergy, including one Bishop, from the RTOC Synod.

Parts 1 and 2 of the essay / article by Fr. Victor Melehov can be found linked here.