“Suzdal Diocesan Herald” Becomes Available Bilingually… And So Do We

(NFTU / 06.09.05) The Suzdal Diocesan Herald has become bilingual– and NFTU is becoming bilingual again.

Thanks to the efforts of Hegumen Theophan (Suzdal) and Hegumen Andrei (New Jersey), the Suzdal Diocesan Herald (Суздальские Епархиальные Ведомости, or СЕВ,) a news publication of the Suzdal Diocese, is now being sent out in English and in Russian on a regular basis. Their website is up at http://sev-roac.narod.ru but requires updating.

To join the mailing list and receive the latest news, send a message to root@hth-souzdal.elcom.ru. The most recent issue in English was published in here in last night’s edition.

Meanwhile, here at NFTU, we were actually bilingual last year– in English and in Spanish. We are currently experimenting with a new Spanish edition, and we are not sure when we will get it updated. Keep watching the Spanish link on the sidebar. NFTU