TOC (R): Repose of Fr Georgy Maximov

(source) On December 4 (NS), the feast of the church of our Lady of the Blessed Virgin Mary, after a long illness, at 61, died the abbot of the temple of Archangel Raphael Synod of Moscow, Archpriest George Maximov.The funeral for Archpriest George took place Friday 07 December (N.S.) of this year in the church of St John the Baptist in Stauropegial convent village. Denezhnikovo, Ramenskoye district, Moscow region. Home funeral service at 10:00.

The Synodal Church of the Archangel Raphael at Radio Street in Moscow sent buses for those who want to say goodbye to Father George.

Archpriest George A. Maksimov was born January 4, 1951 in Moscow. He was baptized in infancy. In 1987 he graduated from the Moscow Electromechanical Engineering College. LB Krasin.

December 27, 1998 Fr George was ordained a deacon and on June 27, 1999 was ordained a priest of the H.B. Metropolitan Raphael (Motovilov), Primate of the CPI in the church of the Archangel Raphael in Moscow.

On May 5, 2002 Fr George was awarded the gold pectoral cross, and at Pascha, 2004 he was elevated to the rank of archpriest. For zealous service to the True Orthodox Church Archpriest George Maximov was awarded the pectoral cross with decorations on the Feast of the Nativity, 2006, and for the hard work and service to the Church of Christ on that years’ Pascha was awarded the right to wear the miter.

During the years of his life. George took many tests that he always carries with Christian dignity and humility, thus asserting themselves and the people around him in the faith of our Lord and God Jesus Christ. He is always with love and zeal to serve the LORD, and was diligent prayer.

We offer our condolences and sympathy to his Matushka Valentina and children, all relatives, friends and spiritual children of the deceased.

We ask to offer prayers for the repose of the Lord of life in the villages of celestial newly departed servant of the Church of Christ Fr George.