Ukrainian president “blessed” by Moscow

According to an article published in Porto-credo on Feb.26,2010 The Ukrainian national movement “Ukrainian National Assembly-Ukrainian National Self-Defense” [UNA-UNSO] was upset and objected to the invitation given to MP Kirill to come to Kiev for the inauguration of newly elected Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich, and promised to organize a picket on the day of his visit.”UNA-UNSO declares a decisive protest with regard to the announced intention of Kirill to bless the inauguration of Yanukovich. . . .” And if Kirill comes to Kiev, we want for our feelings to reach him personally. We are preparing a picket. We want for the world to see that we are not Russia’s votchina and that it was from Kiev that the light of Orthodoxy reached Russia. Yanukovich’s aides have already managed to invite the Moscow Patriarch to it, but so far they have not sent invitations to leaders of Ukrainian churches proper! Isn’t this really a disgrace? If this is the Kremlin’s idea, then it is an insult to Yanukovich himself. If it is Yanukovich’s idea, then it is an insult to the voters. All Ukrainian presidents have stumbled over the religion question and the same is manifested by the newly elected head of state. “It is a very bad tradition”
The protest was stifled by Ukrainian police. This article appeared today, Feb26, 2010 in Porto-credo (machine translation)…

Ukrainian Union “Freedom” is outraged that he was not allowed to protest against the Patriarch Cyril

The authorities banned the shares of the Ukrainian nationalists against the participation of Patriarch Cyril in the inauguration of President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich, said publication “Tomorrow-News with reference to the All-Ukrainian Union “Svoboda”. “Obviously, the protest actions that Ukrainian nationalists held in the summer of 2009 during the visit, Patriarch Cyril, in particular, to the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, so frightened the officials that they had decided not to spoil the” holiday “to the newly elected chief, and not distract him from the groveling before doubtful guest “- quoted a statement the party press service.
According to Liberty, its representatives were blocked near the metro station “Arsenalnaya.” Party members said that the police aggressively blocked attempts to launch banners or flags are raised, even the state.
Previously, Liberty called Victor Yanukovych invited to participate in the inauguration of the only representatives of the Ukrainian churches, which are ready to create a single local Orthodox Church with its center in Kiev.

According to an article which also appears today on the official website of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Yanukovych was presented with an icon of Christ the Savior as a gift.from the MP and Metropolitan Volodymyr gifted him with a seal ring of the Kyivan Prince Vsevolod, the son of the right-believing Prince Yaroslav the Wise, which he received as a gift from the Byzantine emperor Constantine Monomachos in 1043 ( wow, nice gift, I wonder if it’s the real deal).
Many Ukrainian’s view the blessing of the president by the MP as making him a vassal of Moscow.