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News at Last
Blessings!  I was on the verge of writing a letter asking for special prayers, as I had had no contact or word from Fr. Amboise or anyone else in PaP since Saturday  before Theophany.  Just moments ago, on about the 200th try, I actually got through by phone to Fr. Amboise — with a perfectly respectable connection.

We spoke for several minutes.  He assures me that all the Mission people in LaPlaine (as well as those who live at some remove) are well, though of course experiencing enormous difficulties in the aftermath of the earthquake.  Contact with Nicolas and others at Jacmel is sporadic, but steady.  Philippe is doing all right, on the road to recovery.
St. Dorothy’s was untouched by the quake — not even a crack, but the cloture wall around the Foyer of St. Mary of Egypt (within which the chapel is located) is in complete ruins.
Travel to PaP is now suspended until (maybe) the 19th, the end of Clean Week.  I’ve rebooked for the following weeks — unless I can find some reasonable way to get into Haiti earlier.  There is and will be no commercial air traffic until that date.  I considered flying into the Dominican, trying to go overland — but even that seems not only extremely difficult (figure two days each way), but very likely to be completely unsuccessful, as “special permission” is needed from the Haitian government (where?! how?!) to cross the border.  So the only realistic option (still being explored) is to hitch a ride on a relief flight.
Limited banking functions have been restored, so I should be able to get some relief assistance money into Fr. Amboise’s care within a few days, as well as funds for the staff at St. Augustine’s and the faithful there in most immediate need of assistance.
And a moment of thanksgiving for the many of you (and many others not on this list) who have sent funds to assist.  Again, a heartfelt reminder — this is going to be a very long-term matter, and the Mission will be in need of more than ordinary ongoing support for a long time to come.  Please consider making a pledge for at least the remainder of this year, whether by check, or credit card (just let me know & I’ll take care of the recurring charges) or payroll deduction direct to the Mission bank account.

And above all, keep us all in your prayers!

In Christ Jesus,
Fr. Gregory Williams

From Nicolas

Good evening, papa!  I greet you in the name of our Savior.  Now, yesterday and today, no vibrations here at Cyvadier, but it continues at PaP.  Philippe is a little better now; he can get around, but still has injuries.  Matthew saw him, and there was a doctor with him who treated him.

Concerning the church and the school, there is some damage.  I hope to be able to take some pictures and send them to you by e-mail before your arrival.
We’ve distributed about 90 boxes of food [each contains 36 packages sufficient for a meal for four] to several families in the area, as well as clean water [from the well at the church], even as far away as Cayes-Jacmel [about 7 miles further east].  The people are truly in need; we are in a very difficult situation.
Concerning M. Hoche [the notary public, a good friend], I don’t have any news, but he has not figured in the lists of dead at Jacmel, so I assume he’s alive.
The hotel is functioning, but the building where you normally stay is completely destroyed; happily at the time of the earthquake there was no one there.

I beg your prayers for all the faithful!

In Christ Jesus,
Fr. Gregory Williams

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