November 29, 2014  (Source: http://www.imab.gr)

On November 15th on the Church (“Julian”) Calendar, which is November 28 on the Civil Calendar, the GOC-K held the first official celebration of the St. Catherine the New Martyr. On the website of the GOC-K Metropolis of Attica and Boetia (whose ruling hierarch is Metropolitan Chrysostomos), St. Catherine is called “a shining diamond” for not only the local Orthodox of Attica, but “throughout the world”. Her testimony in martyrdom is a “witness in times of confusion and spiritual indifference, bottomless moral mitigation and intellectual distance, that ‘the Lord God liveth’ and against the Church ‘the gates of Hell do not prevail’.”

An icon was made of St. Catherine the Martyr and an akolouthia composed and sung.  Present at the celebrations were many of the GOC-K bishops; among them were Archbishop Kallinikos (who led the celebrations), with Metropolitan Chrysostomos, Metropolitan Cyprian, Metropoliton Gerontios, Bp. Clement of Gardikon, Bp. Photios, and Bp. Gregory.

St. Catherine was martyred in the 1920s by Greek New Calendarist police forces, who, on the orders of the wicked heretic New Calendarist Archbishop of Athens, Chrysostomos Papadopolous, had ordered several True Orthodox priests to be beaten (and even killed) for refusing to go along with the Masonic-inspired ecumenist-modernist agenda.  As New Calendarist police were attempting to beat to death a True Orthodox (“Old Calendarist”) priest, St. Catherine used her body to shield the priest, saving his life, and was instead beat to death herself by the New Calendarist heretics.  St. Catherine was thus to become one of many witnesses to the True Orthodox Christian Faith in the 20th century, joining the other Martyrs of True Orthodox in earlier ages (more persecution would follow against the True Orthodox in Greece in the 20s and 30s, and continue for their refusal to accept the new calendar, joint prayers with non-Orthodox, ecumenism; persecution still viciously continues on Mt. Athos against Esphigmenou).

The “Official Patriarchates” of World Orthodoxy, which are mired in the heresy and schism of ecuemnism, modernism and new calendarism, refuse to recognize her martyrdom since it would testify against their cold indifference to the Orthodox Faith and rejection of it.  They still maintain the rightness of the actions of the New Calendar Archbishop of Athen, Chrysostomos Papadopolous, praising him for his persecution of the True Orthodox for their refusal to accept the New Calendar and Ecumenism.

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November 29, 2014

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