Ecumenical Patriarchate Lauded by NY Times

In a December 3rd, 2012 article, the New York Times lauded the ‘progressive’ Ecumenical Patriarch. Particularly for his well-known and notorious ‘Green agenda’.  This was reported on earlier.  One of the guests of Patriarch Bartholomew (Archontonis) was Jane Goodall, who compared humans to chimpanzees and how humans and animals are essentially the same (to which Patriarch Bartholomew gave his jovial approval).

It is well known that Patriarch Bartholomew has been a long time supporter of causes that are contrary to traditional Orthodox teachings, such as his support for abortionrights‘, ecumenism, modernism, and trans-religious syncretism (i.e., his blessing of Islamic fasts and his proclamation of the value of Islam and, as he calls it, the “Holy Qu’ran”); not to mention his well-known friendship with Greek communist leaders.

While, it is obviously a very good idea to ensure that environmental damage is minimized, one has to wonder why Patriarch Bartholomew is so insistent upon this issue, while opposing the traditional Orthodox understanding of life?