A Request For Support from the General Editor, 2011/12

Dear Readers:

This is Deacon Joseph Suaiden– I hope the fast is going well as we approach the feast. First off, to those of you who sent Nativity Epistles, thank you. Please keep them coming: they will be posted from the eve throughout the feast of Nativity as time permits.

2011 was an interesting year: We had some interesting programs on the radio show, as erratic as its programming went, and I hope that we can keep that going and be of use in further broadening our readers’ knowledge and understanding of the situation among True Orthodox throughout the world. Our map has proven useful throughout the United States. I want to see if we can make a worldwide map. We doubled our total readership from 2009, and have every intention of doubling it repeatedly until the world ends, the internet ends, or everyone involved dies and there is no way to sustain it.

Our mission is to let our readers know that when people become Orthodox, they don’t need to choose an ecumenistic bargain between truth and falsehood in place of the Church, but they can choose what those who seek truly want: the True Church from the time of Christ to the present day, uncompromised.

I thought I would ask you all a question, since NFTU‘s readers have proven to be some of the kindest and most generous readers I have ever seen over the years. These past couple of years have been two of the hardest in our history because our mission has been tested, from within and without. And it hasn’t been easy. Between secular work (and lack thereof) and other priorities, NFTU has never been more than a volunteer effort, but it produced results, and I hope positive ones for our readers and supporters.

I’ve been posting less on NFTU these days because frankly I’ve been involved with a lot of worldly efforts. (Thankfully, I’ve also been busy with a number of Church-related activities, so that has been a net positive.) I want to see if I can change this, and focus again on NFTU. I want to put more focus to the site to keep increasing its growth, and keep reaching out to thousands more readers. More importantly, I want our readers to have a more even comprehensive experience of traditional Orthodoxy available online.

So here are some, God willing, goals for 2012:

1) Help create and sponsor sites that make for a complete explanation of Orthodoxy to both the experienced and newcomers.

2) Create and help support the creation of global True Orthodox Directories so that we can fill a need which has been expressed over the years, bringing True Orthodox closer together throughout the world in local languages, et cetera.

3) Bring the radio show to a regular monthly (and eventually weekly) schedule with more and broader guests and topics.

4) Radically updating our Content Management System to improve the site’s function, visibility, and usablity for our readers.

So, because of this, I am asking your support with two things:

1) I want to see if I can encourage people to donate to NFTU to keep it going. Having discussed it, the proceeds of all donations will be split evenly among our volunteers to help with various expenses. We can now accept donations through PayPal, the easiest and safest method I’ve seen; the button is available on the front page or click the button below. We also will provide monthly accounting of what we are gaining so that you can see what your money is going to.

2) I’ve also added an Amazon Recommended Books section (I’ve started with 20 or so books and will add more every few days) on the front page and it is available below as well. Our eventual goal is to make sure that every reader has access to as complete a library of good reading material as possible, since no one should live on news alone. And, you can help NFTU, because a percentage (less than 10% of total sales, but everything helps) will go to NFTU!

In the end, our goal is always the same– to ensure the growth of our readers, from those with since 2004 to today, eight years later– strong in True Orthodoxy and their reinforcement. I hope that this appeal for support is not taken with offense, and that you remember us, so that we can not only devote more time, but quality to the task at hand–ever better and more productive work in reporting the truth, exposing ecumenism and Sergianism, and bringing souls to Christ.

In Christ,
Deacon Joseph Suaiden
General Editor, NFTU True Orthodox and Ecumenical News