Metropolitan PAVLOS of Astoria and America (GOC-Kiousis) hospitalized

March 1st, 2006


Metropolitan PAVLOS, the Archbishop of America, suffered a very
serious brain hemorrhage while at his residence in Astoria early
yesterday evening. He was taken to Mt. Sinai Hospital of Queens, and
then transferred to Mt. Sinai Hospital in Manhattan.

His attending neurologist, Dr. Ronald Alterman, stated that it is
still too early to determine how much neurological damage His
Eminence suffered. The Metropolitan is currently being kept under

The Holy Metropolis asks that everyone pray to the Mother of our God,
the Most Holy Theotokos, that she may intercede with her son our Lord
God and Savior Jesus Christ, that He have mercy on His servant
Metropolitan PAVLOS.

At 7:00 PM every evening, at the Cathedral of St. Markella, a
Supplicatory Canon to the Mother of God will be conducted on behalf
of His Eminence Metropolitan PAVLOS.